Beijing Hema X Membership Kaiguo Road Store will close at the end of May
On May 15th news, Hema Beijing X member Kaiguo Road store announced its closure, stating that according to business integration, Kaiguo Road X member store will place orders online on May 30th (some delivery areas will switch to Tianxia Flower Store for delivery), and the store will run business on May 31st.
This means that the Hema X membership store, Kaiguo Road store, faced closure after being closed for 7 months. After closing, there is only one Hema X membership store left in Beijing.

The Hema X member store on Kaiguo Road officially closed in October 2023, becoming the first member store to open in the CBD area. The store covers an area of nearly 20000 square meters and offers approximately 3000 products, including its own brand Hema MAX series. When it was closed, Hema announced to the public that the proportion of its own brand in the store was as high as 40%. In March of this year, Hema also closed an X member store in Shanghai, the Shanghai Zhenru store.
Apple will launch eye tracking capabilities on iPads and iPhones
On May 15th, Apple announced that it will launch new assistive features later this year, including eye tracking, which allows users with disabilities to use their eyes to control their iPad or iPhone.
Apple has shown that the eye tracking function is supported by artificial intelligence, providing users with built-in options to navigate iPads and iPhones using only their eyes. Users can configure and calibrate the front facing camera within seconds. Through mechanical training on the equipment, all data used to configure and master this function will be securely stored on the equipment and will not be shared with Apple.
Amazon AWS plans to invest 7.8 billion euros to repair AWS’s European sovereign cloud
On May 15th, Amazon Collection Services (AWS) announced plans to invest 7.8 billion euros in Germany by 2040 to repair AWS’s European Sovereign Cloud. By 2040, AWS’s planned investment will contribute 17.2 billion euros to Germany’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and provide an average of 2800 full-time rest booths per year to local businesses in Germany. These rest stations include construction, measures for protection, engineering, telecommunications, and other rest stations in the local economy, and are part of the AWS data central supply chain.
Microsoft Responds to the Rumor of Chinese AI Teams “Packaging to the United States”
On May 15th, in response to rumors of individual Microsoft artificial intelligence teams going to the United States, Microsoft responded that there is currently a small department of employees at Microsoft who can lose the opportunity to choose domestic job rotation or inherit the opportunity to rest in existing job booths. The rumor of “packing up for the United States” is exaggerated and untrue.
Previously, it was reported that Microsoft headquarters had sent emails to multiple teams working hard on artificial intelligence research in the China region, such as the Azure ML team, which works as an AI platform for the C+AI team. The overall move to the United States or Australia may affect hundreds of employees. Employees who receive emails must make a decision before June 7th whether to receive severance pay or not, and whether Microsoft America will assist in processing family visas.
Musk claims that the FSD US subscription rate is much higher than 2%
On May 15th, Musk posted on X that Tesla’s Full Self Driving (FSD) software has a subscription rate far exceeding 2% among American car owners. The previous day, it was reported that credit card data provider Yipit’s data showed that only 2% of American car owners who received FSD’s one month paid trial decided to subscribe to the service after the trial period ended.

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